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Gill Rowe
Gill Rowe
Gill Rowe


United Kingdom


    Art Addict, Edinburgh,


    Gill Rowe


    Landscape and music are both major sources of inspiration for me.


    My landscape paintings have, with the help of some fine teaching, travelled a fascinating road from figurative water colours painted ‘on location’ to semi-abstract and abstract work painted in the studio in acrylic, oil and mixed media.  Here I draw on my own memory bank of places, but no scene is site specific. The landscapes are where you, the viewer, with your unique reservoir of experience and memories, perceive them to be.


              The abstract can open your eyes

              Only look and you’ll see something new.

              Far horizons beyond earthly skies

              Landscape features ‘arranged’ in a view.


              While I may see mountains and lake

              Your vision lies over the sea.

              Neither viewer has made a mistake

              But allowed his own muse to fly free.


    Some paintings are specifically inspired by music. I usually paint to music, and chamber music is a particular favourite. The rhythm, colour and mood in the works of various composers have inspired purely abstract works.


    It is difficult to summarise all the influences on one’s approach to art.  In my case maybe a few more may be discerned in three volumes of poetry I have written;  Pirouetting Hippos (2005), How Do I Look? ( 2007) and You're Telling Me (2010) all published by Potama House Ltd.     See and


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    October 2011
    I have studied with many fine teachers but I am principally indebted to Paul Gildea (mainly life drawing), Jennifer Taggart (portraiture and water colour) and Robin Child whose inspirational teaching introduced me to abstract painting and a whole new world.

    Exhibition History

    June 2010  Cambridge Art Fair
    November 2009  Lansdowne Club London W1
    September 2009  Manchester Buy Art Fair
    June 2009  Brick Lane Gallery
    June 2009  Cambridge Art Fair
    November 2008  Lansdowne Club W1
    November 2007  Lansdowne Club W1
    March / April 2006  54 The Gallery Shepherd Market London W1